Why Calgary Infills Make Great Investment Properties

Guest blog by Sunset Homes

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta and one of the wealthiest in Canada. Being at the heart of Canada’s oil industry, which is estimated to have oil reserves second only to that of Saudi Arabia, it has one of the highest average salaries and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. This has made the city a magnet for businesses and people looking for employment opportunities, which in turn has made housing prices here are among the highest in Canada and growing every year. One area with the highest and fastest return on your investment is the Calgary infill home market.

To accommodate a rapidly growing urban population, the city of Calgary relaxed the housing rules to allow the construction of infill homes in underutilized areas inside the city. In what seemed like over night the Infills started popping up in most inner city communities. Over the years builders have seizing the opportunity to build Infills and fourplex homes on the lands available to them with proper zoning. Home owners and investors alike have been investing in infills because their money goes much further for something modern, newer and for the most part maintenance fee.

An attached Infill is a single dwelling with two separate units. From the outside some look like a single family homes, but on closer look each unit has its own front door, backdoor and yard. The two units may be separated by either a wall or a floor. For example side by side or up down Infills. Some builders have been able to take advantage of MC1 zoning and build a fourplex or row infills. Like the attached Infill, its outward appearance can be that of a single family home, but each unit is its own complete living space.

The primary reason R2 and MC1 properties are so attractive is that you can get two, three or four living spaces on a piece of land that originally only had one. This can make for a better return on investment.  Another reason is their proximaty to the inner city, amenities and downtown where large businesses and employment traditionally can be found. Because infills provide privacy as well as offering the opportunity to socialize with neighbors, walk to shopping or pubs they are popular with both homeowners as well as tenant.

Infills in Calgary have proven to be a great investment not only because of the 0wnership of a beautiful unique home, rental opportunities, but also because of the opportunity for appreciation in Calgary’s inner city.

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